How Can I Contact You?

For any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us at We promise to address all inquiries within 3 hours during business hours.

All our correspondence is conducted exclusively through email for clarity and efficiency. Like many modern digital-first online retailers such as ASOS, we have discovered that email is the most efficient mode of communication, ensuring clarity and reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings by preserving a written record of all discussions and agreements. Consequently, we have opted to discontinue telephone communications. Should you wish to contact us, kindly send an email to We assure you that we will attend to all inquiries within 3 hours during our business hours.

We acknowledge that email-only communication may not be suitable for everyone, and some customers may still prefer telephone contact. We kindly request that you take this into account before placing an order. If you anticipate that our chosen communication method may lead to frustration for you, we respectfully suggest that you refrain from ordering from us and instead seek a retailer that aligns with your preferred method of communication.

While we acknowledge that some retailers continue to employ telephone communication, the prevailing sentiment suggests that phone calls almost always go unanswered, repeatedly for days at a time, and voicemails remain unreturned. In contrast, we exclusively utilize email communication and are committed to delivering a response within a maximum of 3 hours, consistently without fail.

Additionally, please note that our contact email address,, is prominently displayed at the bottom of every page on our website for your convenience.

  • Send an email to
  • Simply press reply to any existing email from us, such as your order confirmation.
  • Use the "Contact Us" link located at the base of our help center.
  • Leave us a message on our chatbot.

We're committed to replying to all emails within 3 hours during business hours.

By placing an order, you acknowledge and accept our terms of service and return, and refund policies. Familiarize yourself with these to ensure you're informed before making a purchase. These are available on every product page, our help center, links on our home page header and footer, chatbot, return portal, and in your order confirmation email and all subsequent emails from us. Any failure to do so cannot be attributed to Rug Love. If any aspect doesn't align with your preferences, we respectfully request you refrain from ordering

For any questions or concerns please contact us at We promise to address all inquiries within 3 hours during business hours.