Disclaimer for Colour, Image, and Design.


Our colour disclaimer can be found in our help centre, every product page, every email we send you (including order confirmation email), the return portal, chatbot, and the homepage footer

At Rug Love, we strive for transparency and clarity regarding the colours and designs of our products. However, as with all online retailers, there are inherent challenges with capturing and representing colours accurately. Our colour/image/design disclaimer is to prevent engaging in disputes & differing opinions regarding product colours and designs. If any aspect doesn't align with your preferences, we respectfully request you refrain from ordering. If you purchase multiple units of the same rug, we cannot ensure that their colours will match or that they come from the same inventory batch. Please reach out to us before placing your order if you'd like us to verify batch consistency. This discrepancy arises because dye colours differ from one batch to another, and an exact match cannot be guaranteed. Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product's colour and design, actual colours and design may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in the location and other factors. Rug Love will not accept responsibility for any colour or design differences that are not actual factory faults. In purchasing from Rug Love, you agree to accept the small risk that there may be a slight variation between the actual colour and design, and the representation on our website. Any returns for a product due to customer dissatisfaction with a colour (that is not a fault) will need to follow our usual returns policy and a full refund will be provided. If you are trying to colour match to existing decor or require a very specific shade, we recommend visiting a rug store in person to avoid disappointment. The product colour we state and images we display are provided by the manufacturer and used by all UK rug stores, whilst each person’s opinion & interpretation will vary.

Please be aware that our rug visualizer is intended for reference purposes only. While we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee that the colour or size displayed is perfectly to scale. As the only rug store providing an augmented reality rug visualizer, we offer this as an additional tool to assist you in making an informed selection

Please take a moment to understand our disclaimers on colour/image/design variations, hand-made rug imperfections, and shedding/flattening for both wool and shaggy rugs, Familiarize yourself with these before proceeding with your purchase. Rug Love assumes no responsibility for any oversights on the customer's part.

  • Accuracy of Product Images: The images of our products, provided by manufacturers, are universally used by rug stores across the UK. There's a level of subjectivity in colour interpretation, and device screens can portray colours differently due to varying settings and lighting conditions.
  • Guidance, Not Guarantee: Our product images are intended to guide and give a general idea. We do not guarantee an exact match to the real-life product in terms of colour or design. Rug Love is not responsible for slight variations unless they are due to manufacturing defects.
  • Informed Decisions: We surpass most rug stores in the detailed specifications we provide— from pile height to material composition. Our augmented reality Rug visualizer, the 1st in the industry, allows you to visualize our products in your space, aiding your selection process.
  • The Nuance of Colour: Descriptions like 'White', 'Ivory', 'Cream', 'Beige', 'Teal', 'Duck Egg', 'Natural', and 'Rustic' can be subjective. Most rugs described as 'white' tend to lean towards cream or ivory. If you are aiming for an exact shade or trying to match existing décor, we recommend seeing the rug in person.
  • In-Person vs. Online: While we've made every effort to represent our products authentically, there's a different experience to seeing a product firsthand. If you have very specific requirements, visiting a rug store in person might be the best approach.
  • User-Generated Content: To offer a real-life perspective, Within the industry, we were the first to incorporate the inclusion of in-situ content from Instagram and our influencers, providing you with a genuine glimpse of the product we have incorporated in-situ user-generated content for many of our products. This provides a more tangible feel for what to expect.
  • Returns Policy: Should you wish to return a product due to colour discrepancies (barring manufacturing faults), please refer to our standard returns policy. A full refund will be provided as per the policy guidelines.

If you find any aspect of our disclaimer unsatisfactory, we kindly suggest opting for in-store purchases. It's our priority to set clear expectations to ensure a satisfying shopping experience. Always remember to review our colour and design disclaimer prior to making a purchase.

Before placing an order, take a moment to understand our comprehensive Returns, Refunds, Exchanges, and Faulty Item policy. If any aspect doesn't align with your preferences, we respectfully request you refrain from ordering. It's important to familiarize yourself with these aspects before making a purchase. Please be aware that Rug Love cannot be held liable if customers fail to do so. If you find any part of our terms of service or return policy disagreeable, we politely suggest refraining from placing an order with us. Furthermore, if you have reservations about any aspect of our return policy, such as potential return costs, our disclaimer related to colours/images/designs, or the arrangement of your own return, we kindly advise against making a purchase from our store. If you're aiming for a precise colour match or specific shade, consider an in-store purchase. Each product page provides crucial information about potential shedding (for wool rugs) or imperfections (for handmade rugs). Ensure you're informed before making a purchase.

Pile Variation/Shading

At times, you might notice certain areas of a rug appearing lighter or darker compared to its surrounding sections. This isn't due to a change in color but rather an optical illusion resulting from pile direction alterations. The varied reflection of light off the rug's surface, depending on the angle from which it's viewed, causes this phenomenon known as "shading" or sometimes referred to as "Pile Reversal," "Pooling," or "Watermarking."

Rug fibers have a natural inclination to lean in a specific direction. When all fibers lean cohesively, the rug portrays a consistent color. However, with time and usage, some fibers may deviate from this standard direction, causing changes in light reflection. Such deviations are more noticeable in frequently trafficked areas or near often-used furniture but can also appear in less-trodden zones or even beneath furniture. It's not uncommon for brand new rugs to exhibit this trait.

Shading is most prominent in dense, plush, cut pile rugs, especially those with solid or plain colors, while patterns tend to camouflage it effectively. It's worth noting that after a cleaning session, shading might become more pronounced, leading some to believe it resulted from the cleaning. On clarification, most realize that previously unnoticed shading became evident due to altered furniture placement, different lighting conditions, or uniform soiling prior to cleaning.

Importantly, shading doesn't compromise a rug's durability or wear. It's an inherent characteristic of certain rug types and not a manufacturing flaw. Predicting or preventing shading is challenging. However, consistent direction brushing during regular maintenance can minimize its appearance.

Pile Flattening/Durability/Warranty/Wear

All rugs with pile, over time, experience some degree of pile flattening and matting. This is a natural process and isn't deemed as a manufacturing defect; therefore, it isn't covered by manufacturer warranties. Particularly plush high-pile rugs (4 cm and above) are more prone to such flattening and matting.

Several of our shaggy rug collections, including Montana, Polar, Sierra 9000, Extravagance, Plush, and Barnaby, are susceptible to a phenomenon known in the rug industry as "sprouting" or "pilling." This is when some threads or strands in the rug pile appear longer than others. If you encounter this, simply trim the protruding threads with sharp scissors. Avoid pulling these threads as it could damage your rug. It's important to note that sprouting/pilling is a typical occurrence, especially in high pile rugs, and isn’t indicative of a manufacturing flaw.

Conversely, short pile or flat-weave rugs (0.8 cm and below) experience this flattening to a lesser extent. If you're concerned about pile flattening, we suggest opting for a shorter pile rug, preferably under 0.8 cm made of polypropylene. Please understand that flattening isn't a defect, and replacing a rug will not prevent the new one from exhibiting the same characteristics with use.

The lifespan of a rug is determined by various factors: its location, exposure to sunlight, traffic frequency, presence of pets and children, furniture placement, and more. Since there's no universal standard for how long a rug should last given the multitude of variables, we focus on initial quality. Any potential faults should be reported immediately upon receipt. After 30 days from receipt, any claims of fault will be approached with the presumption that the rug was in good condition upon delivery. It's crucial to note that after six months, the responsibility shifts to the customer to demonstrate that a product fault existed at the time of purchase if they're seeking repair or replacement.

Product Guarantees and Warranties

Rugs are considered commodities, and therefore, none of our manufacturers offer warranties for their products. Instead, these products are governed by the Sales of Goods Act, which includes provisions for reasonable use and wear and tear. In most cases, we anticipate that these products should remain in good condition for a minimum of 6 months. However, it's important to note that this does not guarantee a replacement or refund.
Under the Sales of Goods Act, if an issue arises within 30 days of purchase, you are legally entitled to a refund. Beyond this initial period, you maintain the right to request a replacement or repair, but a refund is not obligatory. After the passage of 6 months, we are not legally obligated to provide a replacement, repair or refund unless the customer can substantiate that the item was faulty upon arrival. We operate under the assumption that the item was received and signed for in good condition unless informed otherwise. We emphasize checking your rug upon its arrival including a thorough inspection of its backing, even if you don't plan on using it immediately. The lifespan of a rug is determined by various factors: its location, exposure to sunlight, traffic frequency, presence of pets and children, furniture placement, and more. Since there's no universal standard for how long a rug should last given the multitude of variables, we focus on initial quality. Any potential faults should be reported immediately upon receipt. After 30 days from receipt, any claims of fault will be approached with the presumption that the rug was in good condition upon delivery. However, it's important to note that while we are often told that a rug has never been used, we have no means of ascertaining or validating how the rug has been used. Any failure to report defects promptly as per our terms and conditions cannot be attributed to Rug Love. Please note that all our manufacturers and suppliers operate from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, and remain closed on weekends. Exchanges: Note that couriers aren't equipped to collect the original item during the new one's delivery. All defective product claims will be addressed by having the manufacturer collect the rug for detailed inspection. This process can take up to 5 working days for us to receive their verdict then arrange logistics

Please utilize the return portal link provided below to submit your request, whether it be for a straightforward return, a faulty item, an incorrect order received, or damage caused by the courier. Please make sure to upload images regarding the issue if relevant.

For any questions or concerns please contact us at hello@ruglove.co.uk. We promise to address all inquiries within 3 hours during business hours.

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