Genuine Sheepskin Rugs

Your authentic sheepskin is a natural treasure. With proper care, its softness and comfort can last for years. During shipment and packaging, the sheepskin fibers may clump and flatten. Once you've received your rug, a hearty shake outdoors can help rejuvenate and fluff up the fibers. Since the sheepskin you've received is freshly tanned, it may have a distinctive scent, which will fade as it airs out and with regular use.

It's natural for genuine hides, like sheepskin, to shed some fur initially. If you notice some shedding when first laying out your rug, don't fret. It's a common occurrence and doesn't mean your rug will lose all its fur. With time, the shedding will decrease, and the wool will remain dense and intact.

Please take a moment to understand our disclaimers on colour/image/design variations, hand-made rug imperfections, and shedding/flattening for both wool and shaggy rugs, Familiarize yourself with these before proceeding with your purchase. Rug Love assumes no responsibility for any oversights on the customer's part.

To maintain your rug's pristine condition, take it outdoors weekly for a shake to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Running a standard pet brush over it can also do wonders. These simple maintenance steps can make a remarkable difference.

For rugs placed in frequently visited areas, you might need to clean it more regularly. This proactive care ensures your rug's longevity. However, it's advisable not to brush the rug excessively.

Before placing an order, take a moment to understand our comprehensive Returns, Refunds, Exchanges, and Faulty Item policy. If any aspect doesn't align with your preferences, we respectfully request you refrain from ordering. It's important to familiarize yourself with these aspects before making a purchase. Please be aware that Rug Love cannot be held liable if customers fail to do so. If you find any part of our terms of service or return policy disagreeable, we politely suggest refraining from placing an order with us. Furthermore, if you have reservations about any aspect of our return policy, such as potential return costs, our disclaimer related to colours/images/designs, or the arrangement of your own return, we kindly advise against making a purchase from our store. If you're aiming for a precise colour match or specific shade, consider an in-store purchase. Each product page provides crucial information about potential shedding (for wool rugs) or imperfections (for handmade rugs). Ensure you're informed before making a purchase.

Product Guarantees and Warranties

Rugs are considered commodities, and therefore, none of our manufacturers offer warranties for their products. Instead, these products are governed by the Sales of Goods Act, which includes provisions for reasonable use and wear and tear. In most cases, we anticipate that these products should remain in good condition for a minimum of 6 months. However, it's important to note that this does not guarantee a replacement or refund.

Under the Sales of Goods Act, if an issue arises within 30 days of purchase, you are legally entitled to a refund. Beyond this initial period, you maintain the right to request a replacement or repair, but a refund is not obligatory. After the passage of 6 months, we are not legally obligated to provide a replacement, repair or refund unless the customer can substantiate that the item was faulty upon arrival. We operate under the assumption that the item was received and signed for in good condition unless informed otherwise. We emphasise checking your rug upon its arrival including a thorough inspection of its backing, even if you don't plan on using it immediately. Any failure to report defects promptly cannot be attributed to Rug Love

For any questions or concerns please contact us at We promise to address all inquiries within 3 hours during business hours.

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