Pile Shedding (Fluff)

a common characteristic of all wool rugs is shedding, this is when the fibers come away from the
rug. This is a natural and common feature of wool rugs, not a manufacturing fault. Wool rugs will
always shed to a certain extent. We are unable to accept a wool rug that sheds as a faulty return.

Gentle, regular vacuuming will take care of this and ensure your wool rug will last longer. Extra care
should be taken when looking after your wool rug, spillages should be cleaned immediately and avoid
over-wetting when cleaning.

it is completely normal for all wool rugs to shed some fibres, this is a natural characteristic of wool as a material. Pile shedding is also normal in some of our
man-made fiber rugs (acrylic, viscose, and polyester). Pile shedding is usually most noticeable in the first several months of use and does generally lessen over time but will not stop completely. Pile shedding does not affect the life of a rug. We recommend regular vacuuming to remove any excess fluff/fibers.

If shedding is an issue we would not recommend purchasing a wool rug.

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