Pile Shading - Shade Variation in Pile.

Pile Shading

At times, you might notice certain areas of a rug appearing lighter or darker compared to its surrounding sections. This isn't due to a change in color but rather an optical illusion resulting from pile direction alterations. The varied reflection of light off the rug's surface, depending on the angle from which it's viewed, causes this phenomenon known as "shading" or sometimes referred to as "Pile Reversal," "Pooling," or "Watermarking."

Rug fibers have a natural inclination to lean in a specific direction. When all fibers lean cohesively, the rug portrays a consistent color. However, with time and usage, some fibers may deviate from this standard direction, causing changes in light reflection. Such deviations are more noticeable in frequently trafficked areas or near often-used furniture but can also appear in less-trodden zones or even beneath furniture. It's not uncommon for brand new rugs to exhibit this trait.

Shading is most prominent in dense, plush, cut pile rugs, especially those with solid or plain colors, while patterns tend to camouflage it effectively. It's worth noting that after a cleaning session, shading might become more pronounced, leading some to believe it resulted from the cleaning. On clarification, most realize that previously unnoticed shading became evident due to altered furniture placement, different lighting conditions, or uniform soiling prior to cleaning.

Importantly, shading doesn't compromise a rug's durability or wear. It's an inherent characteristic of certain rug types and not a manufacturing flaw. Predicting or preventing shading is challenging. However, consistent direction brushing during regular maintenance can minimize its appearance.

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Cut Pile Directional Shading

Please note every Rug has a pile direction. That is the direction in which the fibres of the Rug run. With a cut pile Rug, the light is reflected off the fibres in a different manner, making the colour of the Rug appear different—either lighter or darker than the original colour. This effect can often be noticed simply by looking at your Rug from opposite sides of the room. Look at your Rug from one end of the room, then walk to the other end and turn around, and look back at the Rug. You may notice that it appears darker in one direction than the other. This is not a manufacturing fault but simply a natural characteristic of cut pile Rugs. It is worth bearing this in mind based on where you intend on using it and if the rug appearing lighter or darker from one side will present an issue. Consider if this variation in appearance might be an issue. Collections such as Aurora, Craft, Apollo, and Florence exemplify rugs that exhibit this effect

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