Ordering The Correct Size


It's vital for our customers to select the appropriate rug size. We strongly advise you to take a few moments to measure your intended space before finalizing your order. We even remind you of this crucial step during the checkout process. If, by chance, you realize you've chosen the wrong size after ordering, please reach out immediately. If the order hasn't shipped, we might be able to intervene. If it's already on its way, you can resort to our standard return process.

To avoid unnecessary returns or exchanges, take a proactive approach: measure your space beforehand. Even a brief 2-minute measurement can prevent the inconvenience of exchanging a bulky item later on. With rugs, particularly, size perception can be deceptive. The difference among the three primary rug sizes is significant, with one likely emerging as the ideal fit. For reference, the prevalent dimensions are 120 x 170cm, 160 x 230cm, and 200 x 290cm.

A handy tip for those uncertain about sizing: lay newspapers on your floor, shaping them to your desired rug dimension, and then measure. This can guide you in choosing the nearest available size from our selection.

Though we strive for precision, please note that minor size variations can occur, not due to defects but owing to manufacturing nuances. It's not uncommon for rug dimensions to deviate by up to 4%, a standard variance in the industry. Handmade rugs especially might exhibit slight discrepancies since each one is uniquely crafted and no two are exactly alike.

For any questions or concerns please contact us at hello@ruglove.co.uk. We promise to address all inquiries within 3 hours during business hours.