My Rug Was Damaged In Transit, What Should I Do?

If you receive a faulty or damaged rug please notify us upon arrival. Please note this to the courier if possible. Please upload images clearly showing the fault or courier damage in our return centre portal so we can make a faulty claim from the manufacturer or courier. All Faulty Claims will be collected by the manufacturer to allow their technical team to inspect the rug. Please specify in the comments box your preferred day/date for the manufacturer to collect the rug for inspection.

Please note that manufacture faults must be claimed within 3 days of receiving your rug.

Faulty claims after this period will be at our discretion as we are unable to ascertain if the fault was present upon arrival & how it has been used (unless you can prove otherwise). We ask that you inspect your Rug upon arrival even if you are not using it right away, and notify us of any faults Immediately so we can help. In accordance with distance selling laws, Any faulty claim after 30 days of receipt will be at the sole discretion of the manufacturer, By law you are not entitled to a refund and if accepted they will deal with it on a strictly replacement only basis. The Manufacturer's decision is final regarding any faulty claims.

Please be aware it can then take up to 5 working days for us to receive a decision from them. If they deem the item not faulty it will be returned to the customer. If a faulty claim is accepted they will issue a replacement directly. The Manufacturer's decision is final regarding any faulty claims.

Please note any collections arranged by the manufacturer for faulty goods are an all-day appointment they are unable to provide a time slot for collection, no courier offers a weekend collection service. Whilst all our items should reach you in perfect condition, Sometimes things go wrong - In purchasing from Rug Love as an online only retailer, You acknowledge that the only way we can resolve this issue is via courier & someone will need to be home on the day of collection from you. If this will be an issue we politely ask that you do not order from us, We advise visiting a retailer with a physical presence to allow the return of items in person rather than via courier PLEASE BEAR THIS IN MIND BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER.


Our Handmade & 100% Jute rugs are made by hand as such they will have imperfections known as ‘Abrash’ which means natural and variable change in colour, yarn, stitching & texture that occurs in hand made rugs along with some natural fibre loss. It gives the rugs life and character and ensures you have a unique rug. If inconsistencies are a concern we advise against purchasing a hand made or 100% natural/Jute rug, instead a machine made rug from man-made materials would be more suitable. On the product page of every time we sell, We highlight to you any rug that is handmade or 100% Jute that will have imperfections and ask that you please bear this in mind before orderingWOOL RUGS

A common characteristic of all wool & genuine sheepskin rugs is shedding, this is when the fibers come away from the rug. This is a natural and common feature of wool rugs, not a manufacturing fault. Shedding: All wool rugs will shed. Shedding will subside over time, depending on traffic and wear. It typically takes 20-25 vacuums, at a minimum, to curtail shedding. Some will shed for the lifetime of the rug. We are unable to accept a wool or genuine sheepskin rug that sheds as a faulty return. If shedding is a concern we would advise against purchasing a wool rug, instead a machine made rug of man made materials would be more suitable. On the product page of every time we sell, We highlight to you any rug that is made from Wool that will shed fibers and ask that you please before this in mind before ordering. PILE FLATTENING/WEARBeing a commodity any rug with a pile will be subject to pile flattening due to use and traffic. a plush high pile rug (4 cm +) will flatten most for example our Montana range. short pile/ flat-weave rugs 0.8 cm and under will be least affected. If pile flattening is a concern, We would recommend a short low pile rug under 0.8 cm pile height made from polypropylene as the best option. Pile flattening is not a manufacturing fault, We would not replace a rug on this basis as ultimately the replacement will also flatten with use. There is no definitive answer regarding how long a Rug will last, as there are too many variables, rugs will display signs of wear & use depending on several factors, including rug placement, sunlight, traffic volume, pets, children, furniture, etc.

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