At Rug Love, we understand the excitement of getting that perfect rug. If your desired rug isn't available immediately, no worries! You can reserve it through our pre-order service. For each product on pre-order, we typically provide an "approximate due date" for your reference. Once your pre-ordered item is back in stock, we will automatically ship it to you. There's no need to reach out to us. Kindly allow for our standard dispatch and delivery times.

As the very first rug store to provide live pre-order due dates, we provide you with real-time information on the expected dates of pre-ordered items. By providing live pre-order dates that are updated hourly, we aim to enhance your shopping experience and provide you with accurate information about when your selected rug will be available for delivery. It's worth noting that all UK rug stores receive stock from the same suppliers. This means no other retailer will get a pre-ordered rug faster than we do.

Deposit Option: As the sole rug store to offer this option, we take pride in presenting you with a convenient and flexible solution. With our exclusive 20% pre-order deposit option, you can secure your desired rug without the need for a full upfront payment. if you choose to select the 20% pre-order deposit option. once the item is back in stock and ready for dispatch you will automatically receive an invoice via email to pay the balance. Payment can be made using any of our accepted methods, including Klarna, Clearpay, Laybuy, and PayPal. If you opt for our 20% deposit option, it guarantees the rug at its present price. You will settle the remaining balance at the price prevailing at the time of your order, irrespective of any potential increase in the rug's price.

However, these estimated arrival dates can sometimes change due to factors outside our control. For the most recent updates, we invite you to check our website. We refresh the data every hour based on the latest from our suppliers. Once your rug is back in stock, we'll send it your way immediately. Remember, the date we provide is when we anticipate the rug arriving back in stock, not the day it'll arrive at your doorstep. We consistently provide the most current date available to us. Occasionally, this date might even be in the past, indicating the latest information in our possession

If you decide you'd rather not wait or if an unexpected delay occurs, you have the flexibility to cancel your order through your order confirmation page. This will trigger an instant, full refund.

For those who choose to pre-order, we kindly ask you to monitor the expected delivery date on our site before and after your purchase; these are updated hourly.

Lastly, we don't offer financial compensation for delays. We understand the frustration they may cause, but rest assured, we're in the same boat as other retailers. If waiting becomes too much, remember that you can always cancel for a full refund at any point.

It's not unusual for pre-order due dates to fluctuate before the stock arrives. While we consistently update and display the most current date we have available, if you think these potential date changes might be frustrating for you, we suggest refraining from pre-ordering. Instead, you may want to wait until the item is back in stock before placing your order.

For any questions or concerns please contact us at We promise to address all inquiries within 3 hours during business hours.

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