I've received a faulty item, what should I do?

We’re really sorry if you’ve received a faulty item. Please send us a picture of the fault so we can pass this onto the manufacturer's technical team for an opinion and decision.

If the Manufacturer deems the rug as faulty - They will arrange for the rug to be collected from you. Rug Love will then either issue a full refund or send a replacement rug, whichever you prefer.

If the manufacturer does not deem the rug as faulty, and you disagree we will arrange for the rug to be collected and sent to the manufacturer for a full inspection. if the Manufacturer still does not deem the rug faulty they will send it back to the customer. If they agree it is faulty Rug Love will issue a full refund or replacement, whichever you prefer.

Please note a common characteristic of all wool rugs is shedding, this is when the fibers come away from the
rug. This is a natural and common feature of wool rugs, not a manufacturing fault. Wool rugs will
always shed to a certain extent. We are unable to accept a wool rug that sheds as a faulty return.
Gentle, regular vacuuming will take care of this and ensure your wool rug will last longer. Extra care
should be taken when looking after your wool rug, spillages should be cleaned immediately and avoid
over-wetting when cleaning.

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